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1959 Chrysler Windsor (Spring Special )named Sondog

This is my pride and joy!

She was first imported into the UK back in 2007, I am the third person to own her since her arrival. She was restored by an old timer with the nickname Sondog near crooks South Dakota.

The colours are Bamboo Yellow and Cloud White, The next photo's show the car as I recieved it , and how "Sondog" restored her.The interior is with what believe to be the orginal cloth in gold and black check believed to be called Times Square and a cream almost stone in colour leather look vinyl

The car itself was perfect , but I needed to add my own touch on her.

I managed to get a perfect match to the exterior paint in leather , so using what i believe to be the original times square cloth, I re-upholstered the front and back bench seats added a flutted panel to front and rear seats,I also placed a flutted panel in the rear of the front seat, I added the same detail to the two front door panels and the dash was recovered in the same leather as was the back parcel shelf, to add my own little touch the times square cloth was added in the back parcel shelf. I then replaced all thermal lining and felt, to which a new black carpet was placed throughout the car , all door trims were replaced in black too.I have included the photo's after I worked my magic.

photo's after completion

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